Our Online English courses are primarily designed for English pronunciation.  Learn how to speak English clearly. Learn English Online from trained university English teachers with a minimum of a Masters degree from a United States university or college, and who have taught at a university in the USA for more than three years.

Here’s an overview of our hourly fees:

To teach you ONLINE, you’ll need a Wi-Fi internet connection to video chat with the teacher.

We charge $14 per hour, or 325,000 vnd per hour, a minimum of 2 hours per session for 2 hours class time.  We require a minimum of $28 payment in advance (650,000 vnd). Click the PURCHASE option on our HOME page to signup and get your class started. 

Requires no English knowledge. We will begin with the alphabet and discover your weakness in pronunciation. It will also cover how to break your words into syllables. Teachers speak English, not your language. That is NOT required. In fact, it helps to force us to use only English. No worry.  You will listen to the teacher and repeat. The teacher will teach you how to use your tongue, lips, and mouth to correctly pronounce letters and words.  This may take only two sessions or several sessions.

Designed for those who have at least a basic knowledge and pronunciation of the English alphabet.  Teacher will test the way you pronounce and help you correct mistakes. Everyone needs help to speak perfectly.

We will concentrate on the more difficult letters and sounds such as the L , R, Q and the TH sound, complex words, syllables, common English words and very simple English sentences.

Concentrates on common sentences used in ever day life, such as, WHAT IS YOUR NAME, WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM, HOW ARE YOU, HOW OLD ARE YOU, etc.
You will learn more complex sounds by breaking words into syllables, and learning to pronounce the last letter in English words so you can better be understood. By the end of this course, you will be understood by most English speaking people. In other words, you will be able to communicate in Basic English.


Slightly more advanced English lessons. You will read short essays English or paragraphs and I’ll correct you as always. We will make recordings of your speech so you can more easily correct yourself.  You will use our voice pronunciation as the standard “reference”. This way you know what is correct. Your English teacher is also a great reference; spoken English is perfect American English.

If you feel your English is more advanced than courses 101 – 104, please contact us for information to learn about “parts of speech”, construction, grammar, and basic English writing skills.  Teacher can evaluate you for a two hour session. At the end of that session, the Teacher will let you know at what level Teacher believes you are best suited.


How long is each course?  You can stop any time, of course, and speak and understand English better.  However, each course is roughly 4 to 6 sessions.  It may take you less time, or more, depending on you.  You may complete English 101 in just one session if you already know your English alphabet.

No matter what your current level, our teacher needs to evaluate your knowledge and pronunciation of the English alphabet. We need to correct mistakes first or you will never speak English fluently.

If you are seriously interested in learning English, our teacher will be happy to help you and consider teaching multiple students at the same session if you have a friend or group. However, there will be an additional charge per hour for each additional student.